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Air Cadet Uniform


No.3 service dress (commonly known as ‘Greens’) are worn for more arduous activities as they offer greater flexibility in terms of layering in the cold and are also better suited to active tasks. Greens are printed in 'Multi Terrain Pattern' or 'MTP' and incorporate trousers, shirt (lightweight jacket) and smock. The smock is a larger jacket that offers protection against the wind. It also has more pockets on the front - four button and two zip. The lower button pockets also feature a fleece lining for cold hands.  The Highlander Brown Cadet Boots offer excellent value for money when it comes to military style boots.

Greens are generally speaking sold as ‘grade 1’. Which means they are part worn but still in serviceable condition.

MTP is the UK MoD’s replacement for Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) which was much darker. Developed initially in 2010 it offers the most effective compromise across the widest range of terrains.