JetBoil Zip 0.8L


JetBoil Zip lightweight camping stove one of the most reliable and compact boiling systems when out in the field. All the parts can be stored in the mug itself when not in use. Comes with 0.8L top. The burner has an adjuster valve to fuel. Very compact fits perfectly into PLCE and Osprey utility pouches. The FluxRing captures the heat making it very efficient. A 100g fuel canister fits into the top when packed.  Also features a measuring cup which screws onto the bottom once disassembled.
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Weight: 340g
Power: 0.9 kW
Volume: 0.8L (27fl oz)
Boil Time: 2mins 30secs (per 0.5L, average over life of fuel can)
Water Boiled: 12L per 100g of fuel
Dimensions: 104mm x 165mm



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